Our Story of


One of the hardest things to do is watch someone you love fall deeper into their suffering. Substance use disorder can devastate a family for generations. I felt the pain my mother-in-law carried 10 years to the day. Her youngest son had died as a result of an accidental over dose due to a routine traffic stop. Swallowing a bag of crystal meth led to days in the hospital, compounded by medical malpractice and our family lost him. The legal system deemed his case "no quality of life". A young 25 year old soon to be father was gone in a moment.

10 years after Kirk's death we founded the Nichols Center, Inc with a promise to stand by families like our own. Our hope is that no family would have to suffer without support, comfort, or guidance. By learning to help families like ours we are learning to heal the brokenness we feel.



Supporting families affected by substance use disorder and mental health through treatment planning, community linkage, and educational awareness.



Building a recovery community that empowers families to live in freedom and restoration. Create a community wide response of healing and support for suffering individuals. Establish Douglas County as a leading community of hope for families of Recovery.