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Group therapy



Nichols Center wellness center provides free programs to help families in our community. If you or someone you know is in need of help or support complete a referral form and our wellness coordinator will reach out to schedule an consultation.

Families that find hope through our programs come from various walks of life and situations. We find that most have experienced some kind of grief, anxiety, depression, loss, addiction, or other sadness that has them reaching out for help. Together we can walk a path of healing.

Mental Health Management

Our team of support works to develop a mental health plan to support your goals for wellness. Meeting weekly to help individuals to find meaningful connections for support. Work with our wellness team to develop a personal mental health plan.

Holistic Wellness Workshops 

Our team offers a variety of holistic workshops on wellness strategies, healing from trauma, and self-care for mental health. Our programs are designed by clinical therapists and certified wellness staff to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to health. Contact us to schedule a workshop for your team.

Trauma Support Groups

Join us for weekly trauma informed classes and groups. Our team provides a safe place for families to come to process their experiences and find comfort in connecting with others who have walked similar paths.

Weekly Support Groups

Join one of our free weekly support groups.

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Contact us to schedule support services.


"Trauma can come is the form of life altering events or in small repeated offenses that wound the resiliency of a person's emotional state. Both types of trauma are profound and can be compounded into complex issues. 

Trauma of loss, abuse, destruction, or illness leave voids in our family relationships and personal journeys. Finding healthy ways of coping with trauma and connection to a community of support help fill the emptiness of suffering. 

During crisis our bodies experience fight, flight, freeze, or fawning responses that condition our brains to survive the trauma but this impacts neural networks that create unresolved stress responses. Working with a support group to help identify the trauma triggers and how these responses are impacting your life after crisis. Learning to create a narrative of healing can allow families to walk through tragedy with support and hope.

Learning how to speak about the trauma through sharing the story can allow families to find purpose. 

To schedule an appoint for trauma support services complete a referral form here."

Tara Nichols, LPC

To schedule an appointment for trauma support services, complete a referral form here.
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