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Veterans & First Responders

Guardians Project

Nichols Center is dedicated to providing a safe space for veterans and first responders of our community to connect and grow. The guardians of our community serve regardless of the daily trauma and stress that they will face on and off the job. Nichols Center Guardians Project provides a community of support and appreciation. 


Guardians Group

A monthly in person meeting for veterans and first responders to connect and collaborate. Our goal is to provide a supportive environment for men and women to come together and share successes and challenges they face on and off the job. From impact trauma to daily stress the guardians group is here for you. 

First Responders Breakfast

To show appreciation and support for our first responders of Douglas County our volunteers prepare a monthly breakfast. Grab and go or stop and stay. We want to say thank you.

First Monday's 8AM-11AM at Nichols Center

Loyalty means I keep you safe..png

Suicide Intervention Training

Our volunteers are certified in and offer this intensive Suicide Intervention Training through Intervene Challenge for our community. Due to the rise in suicides for veterans and first responders we believe that ever person should be equipped to intervene for someone in crisis.

In 2022, we at Nichols Center are determined to provide Suicide Intervention Training to all Douglas County Fire Department personnel. We are working to reach this goal with the support of the Armed Forces Mission. We are also offering this training available to the community at Nichols Center.

404-736-2267 ext 1

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