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Intervene Challenge

Suicide Intervention Training

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Through our partnership with the Armed Forces Mission our volunteers are certified in and offer this intensive Suicide Intervention Training. We are spearheading the Intervene Challenge for Douglas County. Due to the rise in suicides for our community we believe that ever person should be equipped to intervene for someone in crisis. Nichols Center team has provided over 60 free hours of suicide intervention training to the families in our community.

Training High Lights

DCSS School Counselors


DC Fire Department




Nichols Center volunteers provided this training program for all Douglas County School System School Counselors. We are partnering with the New Manchester high school drama department to create a youth and young person's edition of this amazing training.

Nichols Center will provide Suicide Intervention Training to all Douglas County Fire Department personnel. Our goal is complete all training dates for the 160 Fire Fighters before the end of the year.

We also host this amazing training for community members at the Nichols Center throughout the year. If you are interested in attending a Suicide Intervention Training please reach out to us.

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