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Douglas Crisis Intervention Community Collaborative

For the last 6 months the Nichols Center has launched a mental health crisis intervention team meeting that works to identify gaps in the community response to mental health and provide education on the current mental health resources in our community. Our goal is to create a network of care and cross referral system for law enforcement, first responders, and mental health providers to bring diversity and awareness to the treatment of mental health. Historically, providers would have to generate their own network to build relationships individually for support. Through the DC3IT meetings we are able to provide real time education to available resources, grant opportunities, and gaps in community response to law enforcement, first responders, and mental health providers.

This meeting is hosted at various locations throughout the community to allow attendees to learn about each mental health provider who works to service Douglas County. We wish to highlight the experiences of those who would be receiving services and how we can support them in their journey to wellness. Through creating a network of care we can provide a more hands on system to reduce gaps in services that can lead to crisis.

If you would like to join this multi-disciplinary team of providers please contact Tara Nichols at the Nichols Center. 404-736-2267

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