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Nichols Center is a powerful group of community volunteers and recovery driven people. If you are someone in recovery, get involved with us! If you know someone in recovery, get involved with us! If you have lost someone to addiction on mental illness, let us be there for you while you get involved! Together we can make a difference in Douglas County & West Georgia.

Recovery Awareness Events

Educational, Awareness, & Life Events

We provide community events and celebrations for families that are working toward reunification and rebuilding of their lives. Allowing families that have been disconnected from society or struggling, to find support from others that understand the devastation addiction and mental health disorders cause within the family unit. We honor families that are grieving from loss due to overdose or suicide through awareness days and candlelight vigils. Hosting life events for our recovery community provides ways for family/community reunification and restoration. Creating connections for people in recovery by providing unique experiences through partnerships with local businesses and other organizations. These experiences help to create powerful moments of healing for the people in recovery and their families.

Community Service and Give Back



We share opportunities for individuals to give back to the community through our community service program and other community projects.

Family Support

Individual or group family resource planning

Our approach to family support begins in addressing insecurities within the family unit. The crisis within the family system often fuels the substance disorder or mental health struggles. Through finding the resources to alleviate family distress the individuals are better able to receive support and take responsibility for their own mental wellness and relationships with themselves and others.

Join a family support group at the Nichols Center and we will connect you to a peer family to find the support you need. 

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