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Wellness & Recovery

Certified Yoga & Reiki


My name is Kimberley and I am in recovery from an eating disorder. 


Thank you for allowing me to briefly share part of my journey in recovery.


When I was 12 years old, I got the idea to binge and purge a bag of powered donuts from an after school special I watched. I quickly realized that binging and purging was my solution to many of my current problems as I saw them. 


This became a 30 year battle with disordered eating which resulted in drug addiction, the loss of custody of my daughters and the loss of my career as an investigative social worker for child protective services. 


I used food and drugs to soothe my experience of my physical and emotional environment. I did not process emotions…I starved them. I did grieve….I numbed. 


I was terrified and ashamed when I met Tara and started down my road to recovery. Today, I am passionate about helping women and teenagers who struggle like I did. This feeds my soul and sets me free to live moment to moment, at peace with the world around me. Whatever is happening outside of myself, I now have and spiritual program of action including daily self care practices which grant me a reprieve. Just for today. 


Wellness Assessment

90 minute individuals assessment and wellness plan

Reiki & Energy

60 minute individual reiki and energy healing to release trauma

Yoga & Meditation

Our wellness coaching session will help you identify areas of your life that would like to create positive change in.


The eight areas we will cover include the following:

  1. Health- how do you physically feel? And how do you feel about your appearance? Consider factors such as mobility (your ability to move throughout the day), mood/energy, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Makes notes on the back of your charts about areas you’d like to talk about.

  2. Relationships-love (your partner), friends, family and your ability to communicate which them. I feel lonely even though I love my family and friends. Why?

  3. Environment-homelife, neighbors, acquaintances, work-life.

  4. Career-are you satisfied with how you make a living? Do you have any goals in this area that you would like to meet?

  5. Finances-are you stressed out about how to makes you bills?

  6. Personal growth-what activities are you engaging in to develop spiritually? Are you satisfied with your personal growth?

  7. Brightness of life- What is your passion? Do you engage in activities that make your life brighter? Do you read or volunteers or coach? How do you relax? Do you travel or do you want to travel? Art?

  8. Spiritual life- Do you have any Religious or spiritual practices? Do you have any mediation practices? I feel anxious even though I’m on anxiety medication. What should I do?

Our Wellness Assessment will begin with a self-assessment exercise which you will complete at home before your appointment. The magic will start when you put pen to paper. You will think about each area of your life and rate it on a scale. A “1” in a category signifies that you are very unhappy with this area of your life and don’t know how to improve or you lack the motivation to make lasting changes. A “10” in a category indicates that you are happy and proud of the progress you have made in this area of your life and don’t want a thing to change.  If you can be honest with yourself and brave enough to share your work with me in your first session, this tool will help us to come up with a plan for actions steps that we can take and goals to work towards. This is a team effort and completely custom to everyone. The hard part is now done. You took the first step and now just keep your appointment. You have taken a huge step. Think about that when you lay your head down tonight and visualize yourself feeling confident and supportive along this part of your journey.

Health is at the beginning of your journey because everything else will suffer if you aren’t feeling well. These areas of your life build upon one another as everything is interconnected. We want to create a plan together to make your wheel round as we start with your health.

60 minute individual and group yoga sessions with guided meditations and breathing exercises for restoration

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