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Women's Wellness


Women's Wellness

We believe that wellness for women begins with a strong support network and community. Through our women's wellness support groups we are able to connect and heal from trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, substance use, toxic relationships, eating disorders and other issues women face. Together we thrive.

Movement Based Therapy

In the 18th century belly dancing began as a ritual for childbirth in the ancient Middle East. Belly dancing was performed by women for women as a way to connect with our natural bodies. Belly dance can be taught as a Movement-Based Technique (MBT), exercises that integrate movement and mindful awareness of the body. Movement based therapies help strengthen the connection between our internal feelings and external sense of body position, balance and movement. This process activates areas of the brain that are affected by trauma and aid in healing and wellness.


Women's Support

Join us for a weekly women's issues support group as we address topics such as toxic relationships, eating disorders, life stress, parenting and so much more! Our tribe of women is amazing!

For more information visit our weekly class schedule.

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