Individual or group family resource planning

Nichols Center, Inc. is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit and operates as a Family of Recovery Resource Center and Wellness Gardens & Plant Shop at 6534 Spring Street, Douglasville Ga. We focus on whole body wellness and building recovery practices to cultivate healing within the family unit. Our goal is to provide meaningful family support for those who have been affected by substance use disorder, mental health, or suicide/overdose.


Our gardens serve as a way to engage families in the practice of wellness and learning to nurture healthy habits. The organic approach to gardening allows the family unit to learn mindfulness and recovery in a holistic method. Through the growing of plants we are able to strengthen both the knowledge of healthy practices and the confidence to engage life meaningfully.


Our Services

Nichols Center, Inc

Our programs are based on the mental health and substance use recovery needs within the community. Our support groups are led by volunteers. Many who are walking similar paths of mental and emotional healing. Our goal is to bridge the gap for families at their most vulnerable moments and serve to connect them with meaningful resources in the community as well as help them cultivate healing practices in their lives.

We are building a large community garden and greenhouse space at our resource center to allow families to participate in the growing and harvesting of edible plants. This garden will help serve our local families in need facing financial vulnerabilities or housing insecurity. Our gardens are managed by families in mental health or substance use recovery learning to cultivate and nurture organic practices in their family unit.


We provide community events and celebrations for families that are working toward reunification and rebuilding of their lives. Our events allow families that have been disconnected from society or struggling, to find support from others that understand the devastation addiction and mental health disorders cause within the family unit.


Through working with our local stake holders we are able to create remembrance gardens f for families that are grieving from loss due to overdose or suicide. These serve as a beautiful way to find peace in tragic loss.​

Family Recovery Resource Center

We facilitate life events for our recovery community that provide ways for family/community reunification and restoration. These events create connections for people in recovery by providing unique experiences through partnerships with local businesses and other organizations. These experiences help to create powerful moments of healing for the people in recovery and their families.


Through our community gardens and greenhouses we share opportunities for individuals to give back to the community through our community service program and other community projects.

We help families create a recovery plan. Through a strong referral network and vetted treatment opportunities, our team works with families when their loved one is still struggling in addiction or incarcerated. We work to reduce the trauma experiences and help to find meaningful steps towards recovery for the individual and the family. Our comprehensive case management is built on a wealth of both local and state resources from counseling to food pantries and other basic needs. When a family is struggling we often find that they are experiencing great obstacles. Usually, the person in addiction has left a gap in the family unit. This can be devastating and can lead to scarcity within the family. Being able to stand alongside families with a unified support can make all the difference while the person they love is getting the help that they need.


Growing Recovery

We focus on an organic recovery process for Mental Health and Substance Use Recovery. Through community connection and support groups we help families cultivate healing. 



The Nichols Center holds a family approach to recovery and provides support for family members affected by mental health and substance use disorders.


Wellness Groups

Our wellness support groups focus on incorporating the family in a whole body recovery process. Through weekly groups we create lasting community connections.



We facilitate community events and create programs to educate and empower families affected by substance abuse and addiction. 


Plant Shop

The plant shop financially provides for the overhead of the family resource center. Volunteer staff allow for 100% of our funding to go back to the community.



Our Partnerships with Peer Services and Recovery support allow us to provide meaningful referrals that rebuild community connections.


Nichols Center, Inc

Supporting families affected by substance use disorder and mental health through treatment planning, community linkage, and educational awareness.