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Seedlings Interns 2024

Seedling Internship is our Highschool Internship for rising Seniors. Each senior is required to submit a project outline for approval. Projects are evaluated based on their focus for mental health, wellness, recovery, and holistic healing. Interns are to complete 30 hours of community service to families of the center and a project review led by center staff. Interns are awarded a certificate, medal, and reference letter for their service.

Giving Tree Internship

Nichols Center offers Master Level Counseling Interns the opportunity to experience an integrated wellness model that blends clinical therapeutic work with community based experience. Our Master's level interns receive 1:1 Clinical Support and group coaching through our multi-disciplinary team model. Our programs bridge the gap for members of the mental health and recovery community giving interns tangible experience in a variety of counseling modalities. Interns are able to receive support while offering group counseling and shadowing individual therapy along with non-profit community experience in prevention and intervention.



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What is your internship focused on?:
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